Academics: leave your ivory towers and pitch your work to the media

Academics: leave your ivory towers and pitch your work to the media

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Publishing in academic journals is prestigious, but sharing your ideas with a wider audience is exciting and full of unexpected rewards

2016-06-05 08:19:43

One way of doing this is by using one's research to create a feature film screenplay - eg

2016-06-05 08:44:57

Would love to do so... If only real impact through mass media was valued by higher ed leadership.

2016-06-05 09:10:17

Agree and indeed REFable!

2016-06-05 09:41:16

journalists, learn to write non patronising ill-informed cliched crap then will I come out of my "ivory tower".

2016-06-05 11:17:56

Big prob w/ assuming academics free to publish. Freq. we don't own research & are bound by gov't #scholarsunday #archaeology

2016-06-05 16:13:20

#thanks for sharing about network, have a great Sunday :) (Want this ? >> )

2016-06-09 07:24:13

oh yes the pressure to have a large looking thesis.drives writers to make every word & sentence long...and unreadable

2016-06-22 16:26:34

How funny, I just shared this with my friend and new Tweeter

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