The Observer view on Barack Obama’s role in bringing peace to Syria | Observer editorial

The Observer view on Barack Obama’s role in bringing peace to Syria | Observer editorial

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The American president must use all means possible to get Vladimir Putin on board

2016-04-30 19:41:22

Ha, he's too busy selling cluster bombs to the Saudis. Why you put him on a pedestal is beyond me. He'd rather be playing golf.

2016-04-30 19:43:12

Barrack Obama hates Syrians, Libyans; and he especially hates Yazidi women and childen. Absolutely HATES them!

2016-04-30 19:49:41

and what about the butcher of Russia?

2016-04-30 19:59:14

Everything the West intervention turn into bloodshed's. All the Western troops must leave middle east

2016-04-30 20:11:35

(18+) The evidence of arson. House of Trade unions Odessa #Ukraine 

2016-04-30 20:16:32

It s enought??? stop programs of fast cars - million houses - stupid stars - reality shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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