The Observer view on the EU referendum | Observer editorial

The Observer view on the EU referendum | Observer editorial

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Given that the Brexiters seem unprepared to govern, what now for Britain and the future of the EU?

2016-06-26 03:15:01


2016-06-26 03:18:52


2016-06-26 03:38:22

they are not Government. Oh...Sorry we don't have a Government at this time or an opposition

2016-06-26 03:59:25

2016-06-26 04:03:31

Have you read this? Some interesting sociological insight …

2016-06-26 04:06:38

Our leader had blatantly lied through his back teeth about his dads panama fiasco, so do more homework

2016-06-26 04:19:05

Nailed it. What's mad is it was Remain's to lose and through incompetence and indifference they lost it...

2016-06-26 04:23:53

And Leave are a rabbit in the headlights with no plan on how to get out in the short term, will be just as incapable of fixing the

2016-06-26 04:27:24

there are no winners here. Read

2016-06-26 04:28:27

the clear social division in the medium term,and delivering their promised new world in the long-term...

2016-06-26 04:30:42

When current generation of politicians will have churned into retirement in the Tuscan hills and the leave voters will likely be dead

2016-06-26 04:46:28

as soon as I'm wakened I will

2016-06-26 05:02:15

: (((

2016-06-26 05:13:09

Did you write this 1?

2016-06-26 05:13:32

no-am on hols!

2016-06-26 05:18:33

somewhere fun I hope!!!

2016-06-26 05:32:22


2016-06-26 05:38:34

No blame for EU? If they had given Cameron substantive change we would not be here.

2016-06-26 05:40:20

heart breaking.

2016-06-26 05:54:33

agree excellent article but feel despair at what lies ahead

2016-06-26 05:58:50

"EU is totally wonderful, modern & trendy & anybody who wants sovereignty is old fashioned!"

2016-06-26 05:59:58

not much leadership going on anywhere except in Scotland it seems

2016-06-26 06:00:42

The is starting to sound very bitter now, the propaganda and shit stirring continues

2016-06-26 06:03:30

yes bye bye don't rush back

2016-06-26 06:06:28


2016-06-26 06:07:29

more liberal views. What about the ppl that won? Where are they??

2016-06-26 06:08:13

The Tea Party is to the United States as the UKip is to Great Britain.

2016-06-26 06:16:57

The best overview of the current disaster in the UK so far

2016-06-26 06:18:15

, accept the result and stop this crying baby, please. Democracy in the UK has at least 800 years.

2016-06-26 06:29:34

a very good historical perspective from William Keegan in the Observer too.

2016-06-26 06:31:39

Kako ostrvski mediji javljaju GB više ne postoji...

2016-06-26 06:36:06

Frightening times for the UK & perhaps the EU.

2016-06-26 06:40:00

hell mend them all Paul

2016-06-26 06:46:46

people of Britain's they can take find a way to capitalize off the chaos give your generation a new prospect it's there

2016-06-26 06:49:29

young British people who feel your people and government stole your future capitalize of the chaos take it back now

2016-06-26 06:54:00

crazy days pal.

2016-06-26 06:57:41

the pound is still highest in western world and the sweet air smells of freedom..

2016-06-26 07:01:36

I am SO jealous!!! Jeff and I celebrated Easter in Ischia two years ago. It was so fab. Loved all the baths!

2016-06-26 07:02:22

It's amazing here... Might be my new favourite holiday destination :)

2016-06-26 07:23:27


2016-06-26 07:40:40

ovo su makro potresi koji mogu ici u dva pravca za britaniju:ili ce razbiti uz pomoc sad eu ili britanije biti nece

2016-06-26 07:59:24

brilliantly written but incredibly depressing. I'm even thinking of getting into politics to help bring about peace!

2016-06-26 08:23:14

Good editorial. But conclusion is 1sided. The UK is in dire need of political reforms, too! "First past the post", House of Lords?

2016-06-26 08:26:49

For the aloofness of the political elite to change, it takes a major shift of power! A fairer democracy, more leverage for voters.

2016-06-26 09:07:46

some excellent comments BTL too

2016-06-26 09:09:39

Whence nationalism always leads. MT : 'We will become poorer, weaker, lonelier, uglier' 

2016-06-26 10:42:58

General election unde PR.

2016-06-26 11:00:50

That sounds like such a forced quote lol

2016-06-26 13:15:01

Reading latest from the Plan Wot Plan lunatics, we'll need Asquith, Lloyd-George, et al, plus half the ministers of the late 19th cent.

2016-06-26 13:47:38

The EU was the scapegoat for a combination of ills.

2016-06-27 08:02:32

splendid article.

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