The Observer view on how to vote in the European Union referendum | Observer editorial

The Observer view on how to vote in the European Union referendum | Observer editorial

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For an international, liberal and open Britain, we need to be part of the EU

2016-06-18 20:33:24

Utter cliche that really is throngingly meaningless to entire swathes of the UK. Better start thinkin soon

2016-06-18 21:21:48

1 of the principal dividing lines in referendum is whether we want to be open, not closed; expansive in thought + deed, not insular, + small

2016-06-18 21:36:11


2016-06-19 03:08:39

am already over the bullshit and propaganda and I’m heartbroken over a senseless murder. But I hope we stay.

2016-06-19 03:28:53

for an international, liberal and open Britain choose independence. Or stay in your little corner of the EU #Brexit #EURef

2016-06-19 03:32:38

it's nice to see someone finally writing about the positive force the EU is rather than the problems of leaving. Thank you.

2016-06-19 03:33:36

Are the people of Northern Ireland not voting? They don't live in Great Britain so are not Britons.

2016-06-19 03:42:09

I still fundamentally disagree. We need to stay part of it to reform it? Not a chance on both.

2016-06-19 03:47:18

2016-06-19 03:54:47

Not truthful. The EU is not democratic, it's anti-democratic.

2016-06-19 03:55:12

It's lies. The EU is not democratic.

2016-06-19 03:56:31

l EU is an undemocratic self serving bunch of mainly wealthy white men, dictating and taxing European citizens

2016-06-19 04:00:18

I liked this piece a lot …

2016-06-19 04:01:22

...'deliberately misleading campaign material, which borders on the xenophobic and racist.' 'Borders'? It's been xenophobic and racist!

2016-06-19 04:02:32

they trying to tone it down. "Let's not offed the xenophobes by calling them xenophobes."

2016-06-19 04:03:35

I agree, though, that at this time a confrontational approach might not be the best

2016-06-19 04:08:06

I can see that but hasn't the problem been we have tolerated otherwise unacceptable rhetoric?

2016-06-19 04:09:30

yes. I have been calling xenophobes xenophobes for years. I have no problem with that. It's xenophobia, plain and simple.

2016-06-19 04:10:59

I don't mind offending people. It's necessary sometimes

2016-06-19 04:21:34

Isnt there also something to say about how UK can serve worlds needy the best? Others first? Make life better 4 000000S tho me wors

2016-06-19 04:21:49

agree with that.

2016-06-19 04:47:23

The reverse would be the case. We must curb mass immigration and dictatorship from Juncker and the mob.

2016-06-19 04:52:00

You bio says people who wish to remain in the EU are traitors. Self awareness: not your strong point is it. Go away.

2016-06-19 04:53:58

Completely agree Chris.

2016-06-19 04:54:59

No. I won't go away. Sod off if you don't like my view that our freedoms are at risk by EU dictators

2016-06-19 04:56:46

You are a disgrace to geordieland.

2016-06-19 04:58:38

Voting in elections will be worthless soon. We will become a mere province of Brussels if we remain.

2016-06-19 05:13:48

check out Facebook page of University of Liverpool. Great presentation by an EU legal expert on benefits of membership.

2016-06-19 05:14:03

leaving would be a disaster

2016-06-19 05:16:48

I’m still peeing myself with joy that Mail On Sunday agrees

2016-06-19 05:30:40

, it's good but the claim about why the UK became the fifth largest world economy is a (knowing?) oversimplification.

2016-06-19 06:19:13

thought it was an excellent piece and sums up my views perfectly

2016-06-19 06:58:57

They're both about nativism, but as I understand it, the Leave people want market liberalization while Trump promises domestic protectionism

2016-06-19 07:23:35

thanks both.

2016-06-19 07:42:51

Thanks . Some very strong, compelling stuff in there! I still want my country back though...

THINK BACK 75 YEARS ? WHAT WILL DIFFERS The current European Union under the guardianship BERLIN

2016-06-19 07:59:44

whilst uk residents get 631 dole closures, sanctions, and our jobs coded for diversity! …

2016-06-19 08:03:27

Switzerland has withdrawn its application to join. If you wouldn't vote to join don't vote to remain

2016-06-19 08:07:48

they need to open there eyes

2016-06-19 08:21:14

there’s a shock.

2016-06-19 09:13:27

If they vote to leave the EU that will cause huge money problems here

2016-06-19 09:56:09

"...will shape our politics, our economy.." If I were cynical then I would add "...get the Tories out of a mess"

2016-06-19 10:13:08

That's a good editorial. Thanks for sharing. When is the vote?

2016-06-19 10:16:21

Thursday. Sadly the extreme right have conflated the leave argument with some pretty racist stuff and nonsense about immigration.

2016-06-19 10:25:32

now i see leave's point they don't want to be a liberal democracy anymore??

2016-06-19 10:40:30

This seems like it has real potential for upheaval, no matter which way it goes.

2016-06-19 10:57:31

It's been horribly divisive with the side who have all the logic and sensible arguments also resorting to scaremongering. Nasty.

2016-06-19 11:10:49

also worth reply to my tweet,Can build home 30per cent cheaper than Irish build ,50quicker,Euro standard ,!

2016-06-19 11:14:23

Tell them whatever you have to in order to win and damn the consequences. Welcome to the 2016 US Presidential campaigns.

2016-06-19 11:46:00

Well the North-East would be left on the shelf.. … …

2016-06-19 12:48:24

:// …

2016-06-19 13:07:43

This chimes with my step-father's (b 1935) view, as he explained to me last night. I agree. Trade & free mvmt are good but both need peace.

2016-06-19 16:47:14

And this …

2016-06-19 16:55:33

More Spanish speaking countries outside of the EU than within :)

2016-06-20 04:48:59

the debate has been about the 'threat of migration and the public fear thereof NOT economics. Too little too late

2016-06-20 16:30:42 … Someone needs to prosecute #VoteLeaveTakeControl for their blatant lies

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