The Guardian view on Muhammad Ali: a life of bravery | Editorial

The Guardian view on Muhammad Ali: a life of bravery | Editorial

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Editorial: Whether it was in the ring in his fights with Liston and Foreman, or in his defiance of the Vietnam draft and his public battle with Parkinson’s, Ali was the bravest of men

2016-06-05 15:07:03

- not being nasty, but very lefty elite Brit view of Ali... Wonderful example of why the Left can't do sports.

2016-06-05 15:14:49

Such a warrior. I'll remember you …

2016-06-05 15:16:11

2016-06-05 15:22:45

don't forget he was first and foremost a freedom fighter for his people.

2016-06-05 15:25:30

Glasgow yesterday … and I got called a thug for doing

2016-06-05 15:31:48

are you joking? Cassius Clay became a Muslim & Mohammad Ali to avoid being drafted to Vietnam War while he continued to box for $$

2016-06-05 15:36:49

interesting piece.. RIP to a brave hero!

2016-06-05 15:37:29

the man, the

2016-06-05 15:44:10

yup he was brave and cool guy, because he was against #racemixing #MuhammadAlithegreatest

2016-06-05 15:52:30

how can you sum up Ali's life without referring to the Nation of Islam?

2016-06-05 16:11:00

There's no proof that boxing caused his Parkinson's disease. So try to keep your contempt for boxing out of it.

2016-06-05 16:13:06


2016-06-05 16:14:21

Ali's wife:"the disease was not the result of absorbing too many punches but a genetic condition.". …

2016-06-05 16:40:38

How dreadfully evry Muslim defends any Muslim bigot n thn shamelessly says I m secular

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